Javanese English Dictionary

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This is the most complete and and up–to–date Javanese dictionary available. The Javanese–English Dictionary is the only reference source to provide a complete listing, with clear English translations and explanations, of all current terms used in modern Javanese. It covers the whole vocabulary needed both for everyday communication and in order to read published materials, and is a resource long needed by language scholars, students of Javanese history and society and visitors with an interest in the traditional culture of Java. With more than 25,000 headwords, it also includes local forms likely to be encountered in travel, specialist terms associated with the traditional arts of the area and obsolete words still to be found in literature. The dictionary also contains clear explanations of Javanese culture, folklore and religious practices. Users will gain an insight into traditional Javanese cuisine, costume, crafts and the performing arts, and will be able to identify local flora and fauna. Javanese–English Dictionary includes: Completely new and up–to date Contains more than 25,000 heard words with clear definitions Extensive examples of usage. Information on Javanese culture and history Unique Javanese idioms and expressions Special treatment of the unique elements Javanese grammar and syntax